Manufacturing Capabilities

Key Highlights :

  • High thick rolling machines – upto 110 mm (cold rolling)
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment furnace (6 MX 6MX 24M) with expandable length
  • CNC Plasma and gas plate cutting machines
  • Strip cladding and weld overlay facility
  • Shot blasting and painting facility
  • Column and boom automatic SAW
  • Automatic ultrasonic testing machine
  • Hydro and pneumatic testing facility for pressure range includes, but not limited to 200 bar
  • 200 MT of Hydraulic Jack Lifting capacity (4 nos; total 800 MT)
  • Plate Shearing and Section bending machines
  • Turning rolls upto 200 MT capacity

Our manufacturing range includes but not limited to dimension of – 10 M (ID) X 100 M (L) X 110 mm (Thk) X 800 -1000 MT (Wt)