Since 1966 the manufacturing capacity and range of technical services offered by; Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co; (KPIOS) has expanded substantially with manufacturing facilities. Striving for excellence, satisfied customers, motivated employees and a profit-making company.

Kuwait Pipe Industries & Oil Services Co: has always won business by being Competitive, by our engineering professionalism, and above all by striving for a close understanding of the client's needs and satisfying those needs with a product Manufactured to the highest quality. "


Kuwait Pipe Industries and Oil Services Co (KPIOS) is committed to manufacture and deliver products which consistently conforms to or exceed expectations of its customers in a profitable and safe manner, fully inconformity to ISO 9001, API Q1 , API 5L and other relevant product standards in compliance to the statutory and regulatory requirements.

KPIOS shall demonstrate visible commitment and leadership with the aim to ensure continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System and product quality by a systematic process approach allocate resources, communicate its policy and establish measurable corporate and functional objectives at relevant level. Endeavour its business goals by active participation of its entire employees. Emphasizes defect prevention, and strives to minimize variation and waste.

KPIOS encourages and expects all employees to adopt and display the same commitment and empowering all individuals to make continual improvement in quality and safety while reducing cycle time and costs.

It is expected that all employees of the company will observe and practice the requirements as described in timely and cost effective manner and will adopt a PRIDE IN WORK attitude, and to do the job right, the first time and every time. 

The QA/QC Manager (Management Representative) is vested with the required authority and organization freedom to identify quality related problems, recommend corrective actions, verify the implementation of such actions and ensure they have been successful.

It is expected that Quality policy understood, and implemented by all the employees who are responsible for and communicated by proper display, indoctrination, and training and awareness programs.


KPIOS corporate objectives are based on for effective management system of its operation, to increase market share and to be the market leader in manufacture of helical seam SAWH pipes in the Middle East and gradually in the global market.

To achieve this KPIOS is committed to

  • Ensure conformity to ISO 9001 and API Q1., API 5L and other relevant product standards in compliance to the statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • To manufacture products of consistently acceptable and conforming quality by eliminating potential source of nonconformity. Ensure continuous improvement in the effectiveness of Quality Management System and product quality.
  • Timely delivery of the product in profitable and safe manner and enhance customer satisfaction and delight.
  • Maximum utilization of resources and ensure availability of state of the art machinery and equipment for enhancing range of service, increase in produc tion and testing of its products.
  • Ensure safety and wellbeing of its employees.

KPIOS Vision Statement

Through adopting the most modern technology, employing a professionally trained workforce and complying with the highest international standards to deliver the best quality products to our customer.
The power of an organization’s vision lies, not in the phrasing of the words thereof, but in how the said vision accurately reflects the needs of the various clients and in how much it is embodied in the behavioural patterns of the entire workforce.

KPIOS Mission Statement

To be a World Class Steel Pipe manufacturer and Pressure vessel Fabricator, achieving total Customer Satisfaction and continues improvement, innovation and new technology operational excellence supported by continues human resource development.