Fusion Bounded Epoxy

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder spray coatings are applied in enclosed rooms to maintain a clean working environment. The plant layout is designed to facilitate a smooth flow of piping through the various processes. These coatings have excellent adhesion to steel pipe surfaces and provide long term corrosion resistance.

Coating/Lining Type Pipe Length Applied Diameter in Inch. Pipe Wall Thickness in Inch. Pipe Max. Wt. in MT.
FBE External Coating Min.-6M Max.-16M 6''OD to 64''OD Min.- 0.250 Max.- 1.500 Maximum- 15.00
Internal FBE Lining Min.-6M Max.-12M 6''OD to 80''OD Min.- 0.250 Max.- 1.500 Maximum- 15.00