Three Layer (PE/PP Coating)

Three Layer High Density Poly-ethylene (HDPE)/and or three layer Polypropylene(3LPP) external pipe coating is based on an advanced three layer side extruded system(1 st Layer Fusion bonded epoxy, 2nd layer an adhesive co-polymer as tie layer and 3rd layer Poly ethylene). This coating system provides an effective protection against external corrosion. Steel pipes with polyethylene/ Polypropylene coating can be regarded as composites in which the beneficial proper­ ties of steel and plastics are ideally exploited.

KPIOS' facilities are designed to coat spirally submerged arc welded pipes, longitudinally submerged arc welded pipes, ERW Pipe and seamless pipes, meeting the API SL standard. The coating process corresponds to DIN 30670/DIN 30678 and or equivalent standards, and or customer's requirements. This coating system is intended-basically to be used for buried pipelines, (onshore and offshore). The coated pipes are suit­ able for service temperature of up to 80 degrees Centigrade for 3L HOPE and 11O degrees Centigrade for 3LPP Coating.