Message from Chairman




Local Industries are considered as one of the indispensable pillars for any self-reliant economy. The economic peace is one of the essential national security elements in such industries.

Our Company was originally established in 1966 and from the very date of starting of commercial production, it has contributed towards setting up the infrastructure for the State of Kuwait in the supply of pipes for oil and gas, water sectors, etc. The company has found a pride of place in the Gulf economy in general and State of Kuwait in particular. The people of Kuwait are therefore, proud about its contribution for import substitution, employment generation, etc.

We have new strategies to develop the company in the coming years. The most important strategies are to establish a modern Longitudinal SAW seam carbon Steel Line Pipe Plant and internal Fusion bonded epoxy /liquid Epoxy lining plant besides erection of a new industrial production line that may support the requirements of the Kuwait oil and gas industries. The new products will be based on the state of art technology consistent with development and modernization of the industries elsewhere in the world. 

We are also actively supporting the national economy of the State of Kuwait through our industrial promotion efforts as well as the trading of our shares in the Kuwait Stock Exchange. 

In conclusion, I extend you all, a happy and useful browsing of our website and wish that this contact would continue in the years to come.


Thanks and Regards,

Eng. Mohammed Khalaf